Skills: an opportunity and a challenge

How are you dealing with skills obsolescence, widening skill gaps, talent shortage, and retention? At OfCourseMe we have a Vision: that each and every company will be made of people who continuously seek to grow and update their skills, spontaneously acting to close any skill gap they may have in the future.

Creating lifelong learners

At OfCourseMe, our Mission is to help companies create a healthy culture of self-development. This is a fundamental step to make people aware and responsible for their own professional growth, under the guidance and coaching of LnD.

Our method

We have developed a 5-step method:


Initial assessment


We adopt a consultative approach and evaluate together which skill sets your organization needs to strengthen.

For example

  • You may not have a clear idea of what skills need to be reinforced in your industry
  • You may not have a role/skills taxonomy, but you sense that there are some recurring skill needs in your company
  • You may have a specific role/skills taxonomy, but you are having a hard time matching learning to it

Whatever your case is, we can help.


All contents in one place

Il nostro metodo - Step 1

Thanks to our ever-evolving AI-powered algorithms, we tag thousands of learning assets into a single content taxonomy. Looking to organize both external and internal contents in one place? We do this easily.


Matching contents to skills

Il nostro metodo - Step 2

Learning contents are then associated with the skills you need to strengthen. You do not have a competence map in place, or do you have an extremely complex one? Not a problem. Our team and our technology can fix this for you, and provide each user with personalised skill-based recommendations.


Curating pathways

Il nostro metodo - Step 3

Do you need to talk about a specific topic?Do you want to bring a fresh outside in perspective in your company?Our team will search the best contents that suite your needs. The selection and validation process will lead to the creation of custom playlists for you to review, saving time.

The selection and verification process will lead to the creation of thematic playlists, making them available to your people.


Boosting engagement

Il nostro metodo - Step 4

Communication is an essential tool to stimulate your people. Our team will advise you on proven marketing strategies for your company, and support you in creating catchy and purpouse-driven newsletters, notifications, and visuals.


Measure to improve

Il nostro metodo - Step 5

What is measurable can be improved. This is why everything that happens in OfCourseMe is monitored and analyzed. We will periodically provide you with insights on users' behaviour. We will use these data to align the selection of contents to learners' preferences and attitudes.