is the solution

is the solution

Is it burdensome to manually associate contents and skills?

Do you spend a lot of time organizing the sources and platforms used by your company?

Do ever-evolving skills require constant maintenance of the taxonomy map?

Is it difficult to provide recommendations for each person in the company based on their skill gaps?

Skillme is a service that helps Learning Managers create specific training paths for their users based on the skills necessary for individual roles. It suggests always updated and relevant content based on people’s skill gaps, no matter what skills they need to deepen.

How it works?

You provide us with your skill taxonomy. If you don’t have one, we'll provide that for you.

Our AI creates a match between content and skillset, creating a dynamic playlist for each competence.

Each user is associated with playlists based on their skill gaps.

These playlists will appear on the individual user's homepage, in special boxes placed in a prominent position.

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