In 2021 the changing context and the rapid obsolescence of skills have imposed a new paradigm where the static catalogue (however vast and well curated) no longer seems the most efficient solution. In fact, the new keywords when it comes to e-learning content are flexibility, adaptability and freshness.

OfCourseMe therefore embraces a new approach, that we call “dynamic curation”: it consists in exploiting the ability to explore and compare all existing online content, whatever its format and source are, to produce selections (or playlists) of content tailored to your company in various formats, from various platforms, and modifiable over time. Catalogues also come into dynamic curation, as parts of them flow directly into our playlists. This allows the L&D Team to evolve quickly, guiding the business through the ever-new challenges it must face.

Systematically adopting and executing this strategy can really be enough to make L&D central and bring a true learning culture to the company. And OfCourseMe will always be by your side throughout the journey there.

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