We partner with businesses to create tailored learning solutions for lifelong learners.

At OfCourseMe we understand that every company has different learning and development needs, depending on their industry, their employees, and their goals.

We take a consultative approach and partner with you to create unique and adaptable learning solutions for your company. Our experts work side-by-side with your team to curate, integrate and analyse learning solutions that not only meet your needs and educate your workforce, but establish lifelong learning behaviours.

How it works

The big picture of what we do

Our experts work side by side with your team to curate, integrate and analyse learning solutions that are not only tailored to meet your needs and educate your workforce, but establish lifelong learning behaviours and a working environment designed to help your employees thrive.

This enables businesses to quickly adapt to global challenges and build a better working environment.

How we create lifelong learners

Work together

We partner with learning and development managers, listening to your needs and working together to curate the learning content you really need. As your partners, we collaborate on a learning brief and support you through the twists and turns of employee learning development and the ever-changing workplace.

Tailored learning pathways

Once we understand your learning goals we craft personalised but adaptable learning pathways matched to your employees’ needs. We use our learning algorithms and consider age, ability, and even digital confidence to source relevant content we believe truly reflects your team’s learning journey.

Created in partnership

Before your employees start using a learning pathway, we carefully review each one with you and your L&D team. Together, we take time to ensure what’s on offer is optimised to your learning goals and gives your employees the best digital materials they need to upskill, grow and develop.

Ready to learn and integrate

Now it’s time for your employees to begin their learning journey! Our comprehensive web-based platform is fully customisable to match your corporate identity and allow employees to use their company credentials to access it.

If you already have an LMS, there’s no need abandon it. Our solution is designed to easily integrate into your existing systems, giving your employees instant access to their personal learning pathway.

Agile and adaptable

As specialists in learning and development we know needs can change at a moment’s notice, so we design learning solutions that can be quickly and easily adapted whenever you need.

We regularly check in with you to make sure the learning pathways are delivering the solutions you need. And if something needs to change, we can respond straight away.

Your trusted partner for learning and development

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  • Don’t just take our word for it

    “Now we plan to adapt the training proposal to the needs of our colleagues by reading the data that OfCourseMe provides us, to align curation even more to the needs of the business.”

    Valentina Gramolini,
    Responsabile Generali Academy Italia
  • Don’t just take our word for it

    “Once we have an idea of the courses our colleagues appreciate the most, we will be able to profile the learning on demand for individuals’ interests and skills.”

    Lavinia Lalle,
    Head of Online Training
  • Don’t just take our word for it

    “The first thing we understood was that being an institutional partner in such a cultural change means providing people with the tools to build their own path and proactively embrace the change: a bottom-up approach, secured and supported by the University.”

    Monica Neboli,
    Innovative methodologies manager

OfCourseMe is industry recognised.