30 June 2021 – Written by OfCourseMe in Success Stories – 2 min read

Have you ever struggled to find in one place both the learning technology you need, as well as the right content to upskill your people? Are you getting lost in the process?
Countless hours invested in analyzing different learning content options out there?
Barely impossible to quickly and effortlessly align internal learning offerings to ever-changing business needs?
Sounds familiar?

The good news for you is that we have the solution! From today, you can have curated pathways on any topic in any language, seamlessly integrated into your Coursepath LMS.
Coursepath, the Learning Management System of Fellow Digitals, is – in their own words – “training made easy”, and they are true to this statement: you will hardly find an LMS as powerful yet easy to maneuver as Coursepath.
And OfCourseMe native integration into it makes it even more powerful and flexible. Let’s see what this is about…

From today, you will find a selection of curated learning pathways on topics like Leadership, Change management and Advanced tech within your Coursepath academy.

OfCourseMe Content Team has created these playlists based on our expertise in scouting and selecting the best learning contents from the Web. These pathways are the most powerful tool to foster the digital upskilling of your people, at the same time helping them be more aware and accountable for their professional growth.

In a nutshell, you will get:

  • for FREE up to 5 curated learning pathways, which you can then expand by signing off the premium service which will give you access to up to 100 more playlists, any topic, any language;
  • learning analytics;
  • learners’ engagement support.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Want to know more?

You just need to reach out to your contact at Coursepath and they will demo this to you, helping you set up your premium account in order to fully leverage the power of combining easy LMS technology with personalized learning as a service.

You can also find more details here.

OfCourseMe + Coursepath: more flexibility with better control!