Tailored learning pathways help your team thrive.

OfCourseMe partners with you to offer adaptable employee learning pathways expertly tailored to your business’ development needs.

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Your trusted partners in learning & development.

As trusted partners in employee learning and development, we work with L & D managers to change the way their teams learn, whether it’s upskilling, retraining, or simply gaining a new perspective.

Together we develop curated and personalised learning solutions, designed to encourage a culture of lifelong learning in your employees so they can thrive.

We do this by creating a more agile and productive learning environment that enables every employee, regardless of age, ability or skill, to reach their full potential through customised, on-demand, self-training paths.

OfCourseMe. Creating lifelong learners.

500,000+ employees already learning with OfCourseMe.

We are currently helping over half a million employees reach their full potential. Enabling the businesses we partner with to quickly adapt to global challenges and build a better working environment.


Tailored, integrated solutions.

Staying on top of constantly evolving workplace practices and helping employees achieve their full potential is vital. We prepare learning pathways that are tailored to your company needs and the needs of your employees.

But it doesn’t stop once we’ve devised a learning pathway. We regularly review and assess the pathway with you, ensuring it serves its purpose and delivers the solution you need.

Our solutions are also tailored to integrate seamlessly with whatever technology you have already!


Agile and adaptable learning pathways.

The routes we take in life often change and adjust as we go, so why can’t learning development paths?

As specialists in learning and development we know needs can change and sometimes businesses need to pivot at a moment’s notice. We also know that not one size fits all.

That’s why we designed our learning solutions to be quickly and easily adapted – so our clients can respond to changes, fast.


Accessible learning resources in multiple languages.

OfCourseMe is an international business working to transform learning culture in an increasingly global workforce.

We work with established companies across Europe, and as a result we make it a priority to source and curate content in several languages – not just English.

Wherever possible, we want to provide our corporate partners and their employees with access to high quality learning materials in their native language.

OfCourseMe is industry recognised.


Your trusted partner for learning and development

Learn how OfCourseMe can meet your business’ learning & development needs.

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