Our culture and values.

We believe there is always something new to learn and this is an attitude all our team members share!



We take responsibility for the outcome of our job and we carry out what we promise to do. We set high expectations and achieve them by always putting quantifiable added value. We constantly measure ourselves to maintain the highest quality standards. We use data to help make informed decisions and drive results.


We are proud to always give complete visibility of our way of operating, our technology, and the results we bring. We communicate internally and externally with sincerity and respect. We seek, accept and give feedback without fear. We share all the information useful for the success of the project, as long as it isn’t confidential. We share decisions, we share victories. We believe that transparency generates trust.


We are committed to doing what’s best for our clients. We do the right thing for them and for the project, even when no one is watching, because we believe there is no alternative. When we see a problem we take action to solve it. We believe that building trust is the key to building a better solution.


We start by listening to the other person. We go deep into the analysis of the characteristics of the context. We make our interlocutor’s goals and challenges our own. In this way we really put ourselves in the shoes of our client and their company. It is our way of taking care of its success.


We like to question what we think we know to push ourselves to learn new things and evolve. We ask questions, research, observe continuously to gain different perspectives. We lower our egos to grow personally and professionally together. We experiment. We always aim for what is new and our passion to improve never stops.

We work wherever our team are

OfCourseMe is a fully remote company. Our employees and clients are located all over Europe and as a result we’re no strangers to using digital channels and platforms to create an enjoyable yet virtual working environment for our team.

Keeping learning for free

We believe learning is the key to achieving your full potential, and as a team we have a lifelong attitude to learning. That’s why we have a free learning policy for everyone at OfCourseMe. You can learn whatever you want, whenever you want.

Offsite catch ups every 6 months

We may work remotely but we also find ways to stay connected and catch up in person. Every six months we organise offsite meet-ups for the whole team. It’s a chance to meet together and enjoy some stunning locations.


People managed by objectives

At OfCourseMe we work with each employee individually to define your objectives and set your goals. Once agreed upon, how you achieve your goals is up to you.

No unnecessary meetings

We all know what it’s like to have a day so full of internal meetings you have no time to do the work you need to do or connect with your clients. At OfCourseMe we keep internal meetings to a minimum and when we do have them, we always ask ourselves if the meeting is strictly necessary.


Are you passionate about learning?

OfCourseMe is always looking for lifelong learners to join our team.
If you think you would be a great fit, we would love to hear from you!