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The results of these investments do not take long to materialise…

Valentina Gramolini,

Responsabile Generali Academy Italia

Thanks to the integration of OfCourseMe in the GLP, we add another important piece to our mosaic, which is enriched in breadth and depth, juxtaposing the internal contents with the external ones, and is pre-organised and ordered logically and intuitively. At two months after the launch, the data was encouraging.

Our colleagues have consistently used the new service, racking up over 20,000 searches in the first quarter!

Luciana Di Paolo,

HR Learning Manager

Over 18 months the three-way partnership between Sky Italia, OfCourseMe and Alta Formazione has continued to bear fruit, with new features, new sources and new formats constantly being added. Over this period, the results have been remarkable; a substantial hard core of users has kept using the service without dropping out over time, while each subsequent communication has enabled us to involve new users, who have then stratified.

Data and stats provided by OfCourseMe are priceless…

Francesco Porotto,

Digital Learning Manager

The Italian experiment is a huge success. “Within the first 5 month after the launch – Francesco explains – almost 500 external contents were found and chosen via My Learning Plus, which means that one out of three employees with access to the service played at least one content: this was way beyond our expectations”. Moreover, users engagement grows steadily over time: employees get more and more familiar with the tool, which becomes part of their weekly routine. But there’s much more.

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