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What we believe

Learning is our passion and people are our priority.

We are committed to changing the way people learn because we believe learning helps us all achieve our full potential. We are agile and adaptable, just like our learning solutions. There’s no challenge too difficult and no adjustment too inconvenient.

We make learning accessible and fun, and do whatever we can to help companies and individuals develop a lifelong learning attitude. We embrace technology but it will never be our driving force. Instead we focus on building a new learning culture and aspire to help others become as enthusiastic about learning as we are.

Lifelong learning is our mantra.

We don’t just encourage it; we ourselves know there is always something to learn.

We are lifelong learners.

How we came to exist!

Let’s keep learning! – Our Story

Founded in 2017, OfCourseMe is built on a passion for lifelong learning and a belief that people can be empowered to succeed in uncertainty through personalised and accessible learning pathways.

Co-founders, Davide Conforti and Francesco Carante, met several years ago at one of Italy’s fastest growing digital companies. Their combined experience in the corporate world and personal reinvention cemented a friendship that would evolve to become a business partnership centred around helping others achieve their full potential.

Determined to solve the challenges of corporate digital training and successfully close the skills gaps in large companies, Davide and Francesco set out to establish a learning service that would support learning and development in businesses across Europe.

Their aim: empower people to own their destiny by creating a B2B service harnessing the wealth of learning content available online and making employee training not only more accessible, more personal and more fun, but also much easier for L&D managers to track.

Experience told Davide and Francesco they needed to build a venture able to thrive in an environment where uncertainty is the rule, not the exception, and at end of 2017 the first version OfCourseMe launched.

By April 2018 Sky, Vodafone Italy, and the Polytechnic University of Milan had partnered with them and the business was gaining momentum with corporate learning managers all over Italy.

OfCourseMe’s first international steps came in 2019 with partnerships with Vodafone International and a handful of companies in Germany and the UK.

OfCourseMe continues to expand, becoming a pan-European player and driving change in the world of corporate training. All the while, staying focused on their mission to change learning habits in companies across the continent and empower 50 million people to become lifelong learners.

Our Vision

Empower people to fulfill their potential, by making learning accessible, personal and fun.

Our Mission

To partner with companies and create lifelong learners.

The people behind the vision

Our Founders

Davide Conforti


Francesco Carante


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