2021: the need for human touch in EdTech

2021: the need for human touch in EdTech
Jun. 30, 2023 - Success Stories - 2 minutes read
The past year has been disruptive and has brought many new challenges to both personal and professional lives. The pandemic has suddenly changed the workplace: smart working, remote collaboration, new software and tools abruptly made their way.

With all this in mind, the american magazine Education Technology Insight has asked our vision for 2021 in the Education Technology.
At OfCourseMe, we believe that in order to restore a new normal, technology will need to include empathy and contact. The human touch will make the difference.

We know that in this context of deep cultural changes, L&D professional are central for leading and driving relevant learning experiences. And OfCourseMe helps to do this efficiently, bringing speed, expertise and flexibility to the process.

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