OfCourseMe goes to University thanks to Federica Web Learning

OfCourseMe goes to University thanks to Federica Web Learning
Jun. 30, 2023 - Success Stories
A cultural lab to produce high-quality courses within one of the greatest Italian academic excellences, combined with technological innovation and the passion for continuous training by OfCourseMe.

We are proud to announce and celebrate the beginning of the partnership with Federica Web Learning federica.eu. This great fellowship helps us go far beyond the already carried out technological integration thanks to Federica’s valuable Italian contents, which have been already proudly displayed to OfCourseMe’s customers. This allows us both to outline initiatives, scenarios and a common vision for tomorrow’s learning, combining the academic institution with the business world’s needs, in a context that profoundly changed during the months of the pandemic but destined to accelerate even more in the direction of online self-training and pedagogical responsibility of the employees of the companies themselves.
But let’s start from the beginning.

Federica Web Learning is the centre of University for Innovation, Experimentation and Spreading of multimedia teaching at the University of Naples Federico II, which thanks to Federica.eu, Europe’s leader platform in high-quality training, is in the world’s top ten for Massive Open Online Courses production.
“Open academical quality” is Federica’s mission and this would be enough to feel close to this amazing project, but its importance is measured by concreteness and numbers: more than 200Multidisciplinary MOOCs, each of them thought up and realized by professors at the University Federico II and the prestigious faculties of national and international universities, 75 courses realized in these recent times of emergency and 300 previously developed blended courses.

The encounter between OfCourseMe and Federica happens to take place in the most obvious and urgent way, at the web’s metaphorical crossroads where users and contents are mixed.Employees of our customer companies urge us to integrate the already existing international contents, with courses in their local language and OfCourseMe decides to invest on a glocal approach. That is how Federica becomes one of the first Italian MOOC platforms to be included. The interactions between OfCourseMe’s users and Federica’s contents turn out to be higher than expected, so we started thinking about how we could make these interactions more profitable and more satisfying for both of us.

The rest of it is today’s history, with a strong collaboration and an improved technological integration that also includes the possibility of offering the SSO Federation with Federica to those who are already customers of OfCourseMe.
“As they say in these cases, it is only the beginning – reveals Davide Conforti, CEO of OfCourseMe.We want to exceed a perfect technological integration, with excellent and simple contents to offer to our users: we want to be part of an actual cultural revolution that is taking place within companies, and we know we’ll be able to do it only by working with those, who have the greatest teaching knowledge and methodological skills. We are an intermediary, and we are proud to collaborate with the best”.

It is an honour for us at OfCourseMe to gather Mauro Calise’s opinion, professor of Political Science and director of Federica Web Learning centre, who signed the partnership:
“Federica is always true to the mission of offering innovative university quality teaching accessible to all. The open access and global dimension of MOOCs has radically changed the storytelling of distance learning. In this situation more than ever, MOOCs represent a cutting-edge didactic response to training needs in every period of life, talking of lifelong learning. Right in these days we published the open access course: “Smart Working: Sfide & Opportunità” federica.eu dedicated to PA and private sector employees and to all the students and workers interested to ITC driven innovation. This new synergy with OfCourseMe will surely be an opportunity to experiment new teaching experiences for the professional world.”