OfCourseMe is the protagonist of the HR Innovation Workshop of the Milan Polytechnic

OfCourseMe è protagonista del HR Innovation Workshop del Politecnico di Milano

June 19, 2021 - Written by OfCourseMe in Success Stories - 2 minutes read

On 20th November 2019, the authoritative HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic inaugurated the 2020 research activities with a workshop entitled: “The ecosystem of HR Tech startups: innovation trends and successful experiences”.

The event aimed to analyse international startups that offer products and solutions for the HR world and how they interact with the ecosystem of large Italian companies. In this context, the case of OfCourseMe and its path in 2019 alongside the biggest companies in the country is particularly relevant and for this reason, a large part of the event was dedicated to the testimony of OfCourseMe regarding the Esselunga success story, together with those of Beaconforce and Another Brick, which respectively deal with Employees Engagement and Change Management. Once again, therefore, OfCourseMe was confirmed as the reference startup in the specific area of corporate training.

Moreover, the action of the Observatory in 2020 will be centred on a series of interconnected issues, all related to the vision and objectives of OfCourseMe, so we expect that there will be new opportunities in the near future for collaboration and contact and we hope to facilitate the Polytechnic’s initiative.

We start from the future of work, in particular, the issues of upskilling and reskilling, which are obviously central to us: we believe that the culture of continuously updating skills involves the construction of a pleasant, personal and fulfilling training routine. The theme of employee digital empowerment is closely related, centred on the need to shift the responsibility of interacting with the company to the employee, to train and evolve with it, becoming an independent and responsible actor. Without upskilling, there can be no empowerment and vice versa. It ends with new organisational models, the attraction and development of new talents and data analytics applied to HR. All of them are relevant to OfCourseMe but the latter resides deep in our DNA. We believe in results, we believe in data, which is why we equip all our customers with an innovative analytics tool.

In short, the joint educational path with the HR Innovation Practice Observatory has just begun. We are proud to contribute together with the Polytechnic to what is already becoming an authentic cultural revolution.

Below is a description of the Observatory. Here is an article dedicated to the Workshop.