OfCourseMe is one of the best startups in the HR field according to Startup Geeks

OfCourseMe is one of the best startups in the HR field according to Startup Geeks
Jun. 30, 2023 - Success Stories - 3 minutes read
Startup Geeks, the community dedicated to Italian start-ups, together with Techyon, a boutique for head hunting IT profiles, has selected the best of the hundreds of startups operating in the Italian human resources sector, those that have already done something concrete to improve the entire ecosystem of personnel selection and management processes, and included them in the HR Tech eBook.

Among the startups mentioned, which not only deal with corporate training, but also with recruitment, employer branding, welfare and data analytics, OfCourseMe plays a crucial role, so much so that it deserves to be in the top five together with Start2Impact, SkillsJobs, Healthy Virtuoso and HR Coffee.

Of these, only OfCourseMe deals with the Learning & Development of company staff in the strict sense of the term, while Start2Impact also deals with training, and supports young students before they begin their company careers.

An important recognition, which testifies once again to the central position OfCourseMe holds in the Italian and European HR Tech panorama. Startup Geeks, on the other hand, introduced the eBook by presenting some data that explains the context in which we operate more clearly than a thousand words. 39% skills mismatches and 45% dissatisfaction with their work: Italians are unable to do their job and do not love it, and perhaps there is a cause-effect relationship between the two. OfCourseMe exists precisely to support company employees in the difficult task of updating their skills and acquiring new ones that may have become necessary, thus making continuous learning a pleasant and rewarding routine.

For those who want to get a deeper understanding of the issue, the HR Tech book can be downloaded here. Below is a press review with the main articles that appeared on the issue: