OfCourseMe will be among the finalists at The Learning Awards 2020

OfCourseMe will be among the finalists at The Learning Awards 2020
Jun. 30, 2023 - Success Stories - 3 minutes read
The Learning & Performance Institute has announced the shortlists with the finalists at The Learning Awards 2020. OfCourseMe made its way among the top 8 global rising stars for the Startup Learning Provider of the Year. This is an amazing result, considering this is the first participation ever for OfCourseMe, and the LPI revealed there were 150 candidates for this category only.

The Learning Awards, now at their 24th edition, are known as probably the most important global award when it comes to Corporate Learning & Development. This is a 360° initiatives, because it encompasses the full spectrum of L&D. From startups to established technologies. From individual leaders in the field of learning to large corporations. From products, to programmes, to platforms. From onboarding, to apprenticeship, to people development.

Going through the list of finalists, which include most of the top players within our arena, is literally breathtaking. And just being among them is something that inspires us to do better and better over the next few years.

Being at the finals is a good reason to celebrate, but it means much more to ourselves: being among the top 8 Startup Learning Providers of the year means we started our internationalization process with the right foot, but we are aware this is just the beginning. We are committed to serving a personal learning path to every employee. In order to do that, we need to grow our footprint and further develop our product. Regardless of how Learning Awards 2020 end, we want to be back in one year time and compete for more: no longer as a startup, but as a programme for our customers and a solution for our learners. Too soon? Too much? We don’t think so: as far as we stay focused on our mission, The Learning Awards 2020 will be the 1st chapter of this brand new story. Fingers crossed!

Here you can find the full list of finalist 2020.