OfCourseMe among the Top 10 EdTech Startups of 2020

OfCourseMe among the Top 10 EdTech Startups of 2020
Jun. 30, 2023 - Success Stories - 3 minutes read
OfCourseMe was enlisted among the Top 10 EdTech Startups in Europe of 2020 by the Education Technology Insight, the American specialized magazine which represents one of the most authoritative voices across the whole industry. The publisher itself describes the Top 10 as “The annual listing of 10 companies that are the forefront EdTech Startups solutions and impacting the industry”.

At OfCourseMe our priority one is business, not awards. But this very definition, combined with the importance of the institution, highlights a couple of acknowledgements that should rightly make us proud. We are forefront, as we work hand in hand with our customers in order to bring real innovation to their working environment. And we are impacting the industry, which is actually what we want to achieve by means of being true to our mission to provide every employee with a personalized learning path.The Education Technology Insight elaborates on such points in an article dedicated to OfCourseMe and the rationale behind its nomination. Here’s an abstract with the core statements:

“Typically, OfCourseMe comes into the picture when organizations create new business plans that include either changes in corporate values or massive digital transformation initiatives. For instance, if an automotive company selling cars wants to provide services related to cars, then they need to reskill and upskill their employees to sell and provide a completely different package, which can be an overwhelming task. OfCourseMe acts as the ideal outsourcing partner for such companies by providing mobile friendly technology (suitable for current times of COVID-19) as well as a vast array of content. The company’s webapp is a mobile-first environment which allows learners to quickly search and compare online courses from a plethora of sources; they also receive recommendations, either AI-powered and based on prior interactions or human from the LnD department or from their peers. Once a learner picks up a course she likes, this can be added to a personal plan which is assembled and maintained over time by the learner itself, so that she is responsible and in charge of her upskilling plan. The learner is at the very core of the experience, empowered to determine her future and supported at each step”.

Furthermore, we are particularly grateful because the magazine mentions explicitly the Vodafone project, which we are especially proud of because of its ambition and complexity, with 100.000 employees involved across 25 countries. “OfCourseMe was able to power up their learning ecosystem with thousands of quality learning assets – the article explains – served in all the languages they needed within their platform, with only one integration”.

Last but not least, today’s recognition represents a symbolic milestone along our exciting path towards internationalization. “Our product and services are inherently global – OfCourseMe’s CEO Davide Conforti explains – since we can provide personalized content curation on different topics and in multiple languages. Hence being rewarded as a pan-european player with a real impact on the EdTech industry means a lot to us”.